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Charles "Silk" DunnBiography of Charles "Silk" Dunn

Charles “Silk” Dunn is a life coach, mentor and relationship specialist. He has a unique ability to motivate, inspire, and connect to people who are often beyond the reach of others. He specializes in helping those who have been discarded by society. His message of acceptance, redemption and love is sure to change our communities from the inside out.

Importantly, Dunn's work has tangible demonstrations of success. Dunn launched the “You Created It” clothing line, which bears the same name -- You Created It -- as one of the most inspiring poems ever written. He authored the poem himself. His “You Created It” poem has ignited a movement of self-empowerment and hope for thousands of people across the world. The essence of the poem is that we all have agency to create and change the circumstances in our lives. Dunn urges men and women; boys and girls to analyze their lives, respect and embrace their individual journey and continually mark a path for progress. He firmly asserts, “You’ll never be able to change any aspect of your life until you own all of it.”

Dunn has done this in his own life. He is an entrepreneur having launched Dunn Did It Enterprises Inc. The umbrella will include a host of businesses from prison consulting, publishing, to high quality fashion lines.

In all that he does, Dunn inspires others not to buckle under the weight of life’s challenges; advice that is especially meaningful given his own background. His recent accomplishments come on the heels of a lengthy, decades-long prison sentence.  He served 24 years in federal prison for being a drug kingpin in the 1990s. Never blaming anyone for his mistakes, Dunn immediately embarked on a personal journey to remake his life, and help thousands of broken men to do the same.

Even while incarcerated, Dunn was carefully executing a process of discovery and self-improvement. He received over 100 certifications, and created curriculums for five different programs ranging from anger management to mental wellness. In addition, he designed a Mental Wellness class which combines, mind, body, spirit, and universe.
Released from prison on November 1, 2015, Dunn has spoken at several schools in Atlanta and surrounding areas. He continues to blaze a trail of power and progress fueled by hard work and positive energy. Often known as the uncommon mentor, Dunn may be small in stature but he is mighty in impact. His ability to exchange tragedy for triumph makes him one of the most inspiring figures in the country.