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The YCI Movement

In this time and age children as well as some adults, are pointing fingers at others for their present state. In many cases allowing them to take no ownership for their actions and/or their situation.  This sort of thinking is counterproductive to one’s self-empowerment. 

Students are developing their energies and should clearly know their potential of being a creator.  When one consistently ask oneself what could I have done or what should I do to better a situation, then they are developing their empowerment.  

We at “You created it” believe that ownership increases responsibility and self-empowerment.  When students start recognizing that they are responsible for their actions, then their performances increase.   

Our mission is a movement towards self-empowerment. Our fundraisers do more than raise funds, they create a school climate and school culture towards students being responsible for their actions and other students and staff reminding them of such.  An inward movement instead of an outer blame. 

The “You Created It” brand not only helps to empower the children but it is also contagious to their household.  Parents are held to a higher accountability with this infectious brand.  This brand does more than help one person at a time.  It ignites conscious movements in time.  Due to the fact that it helps to restore innate powers back to anyone that gave them away.  Please join us in our commitment, to reconnect our society with higher accountable degrees of consciousness.  That our thoughts turn into things and it us that are responsible for its happenings.